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10-30-2012, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Ward Cornell View Post
I love the idea of giving the kids more playing time for any number of reasons.
But one bonus of doing this is the players increase they value to the Rangers and to any other team that Spott wants to acquire a bigtime player from.

The only reason I said Charlie D is that it wouldn't break the bank for prospects or picks.
I would love to see a full cupboard of picks. With Spott getting the Rangers to a Western C. Final two out of the last three years with minimum high draft picks playing
imagine what he could do with a lot of top 5 round picks playing??
Otherwise IMHO the Rangers will always just be on the cusp but never quite good enough. Keep the picks and play them, eventually you can
trade some for the "go for it" without emptying the prospects and draft cupboard!

* I firmly believe that to "go for it" you have to prepare a cpl years in advance to make sure you have some bullets to put into the chamber.
Spott never seemed to agree with me though!

I also believe if you go back and look at other OHL Champs the best moves made at the trade deadline were for depth players and not a Taveres type of star.
Agree with alot of what you said. The only thing I think is different is Spott's/Mgmt drafting they did or they do. They get "top 5" value out of later picks (7th round for Bailey, 6th round for Mayfield if he would've reported, 8th round for Thomson, 11th round for Gibson). And I can't really believe I am making points in favor of Spott for this as I think he treats draft picks like candy at Halloween sometimes.

But for the limited picks he has at times I like how we are taking chances with some of these players. He takes a chance on Gibson and he reports, hopefully MacInnis will report next year. Then there is Trouba which doesnt necessarily work out too. Being the organization we are, I feel we are able to take these chances for better or not.

And I don't think we need a Percy/Ceci type impact player. A solid shutdown or TWD that might not cost as much but still cost. Not looking for Kitchener to get that Tavares type player this year in a Strome/Schiefele kind of player.

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