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Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
That was my point.

This board is in a really sad state. You are either a fanboy or a hater, one can't look at things objectively, and if you do you get painted with one of those brushes regardless. I was not hating on Galchenyuk, I just thought it was pretty sad people are using the rust excuse to explain why he doesn't have a 1000 points already. I know this concept is being lost on the majority of you.

As you said yourself he played over 30 games since he's come back. Not to mention the fact he
s been on the ice working out pretty much every day since he was given clearance to do so.

Is Morgan Reilly rusty? Leafs fans are laughing at you guys in case you aren't aware, was just trying to save you guys from this self embarrassment....
Rust isn't being used as an excuse. People are talking about rust because he actually was rusty in the first couple of games. Watch his game in the last 2 weeks and his game in the first 2 weeks and you see that there actually was rust. Not sure what your point is. It's not about his stats, but his overall play. He was clearly rusty at first. Most of that seems to have gone away.

And no, he hasn't even played 30 games in the last 6 months. That is not a lot of hockey considering half of those games have been played in the last month and a half.

Again, not sure with on-ice training has to do with anything considering it's not an actual game. I still don't know why you keep on insisting on this point. Barely playing 30 games in 6 months is not a lot of hockey.

Morgan Reilly isn't Alex Galchenyuk, I don't give a crap what Reilly does. Not everyone recovers as quickly as everyone else or returns to form as quickly, so I really don't see an argument there. Good for Reilly he came back and didn't lose a step. As for Galchenyuk, he needed some time to get back in the thick of things. Even if he had put up points early on, it was still clear that he was rusty in his first couple of weeks.

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