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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Wasn't directed at Stretch in any way. Just giving reasons why one might hypothetically feel that way.

As far as your Starbucks analogy. No if I drank coffee I'd probably just brew my own. Which is why I've spent a lot more time playing hockey than watching it. Hell, I've driven the 2 hours to Columbus to skate and see friends, a trip I would normally make to watch NHL hockey. I have AHL hockey in my home town, much of it with NHL talent. I could go, but don't. The "I want to watch hockey" pull just isn't as strong without a team to be invested in.

I know this lockout has changed my perspective on the league, and the team. To the extent I listed above, possibly, and again possibly not. I'm not fully sure, I don't have a deadline. I do know each day I find other things to do, and other things to care about.
1) All of which is to miss the point, which is that a poster suggested he/she was willing to quit the NHL because of the lockout. Presuming he/she enjoys the NHL, what do you gain from giving it up, regardless of the circumstances? Presuming...

2) This business also implies that people have been ignoring things that are more important due to their NHL fan-dom. I certainly don't think it requires a lockout for folks to realize that spending time with family and friends, or reading a good book, or going to school/work are important things.

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