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10-30-2012, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
The recession is a reality for fans-they have to decide where the money goes that they earn from these mundane jobs for which you appear to have so much contempt.

All of that money the players think they deserve comes from the fans.

If they don't pay the money those players don't get their overblown salaries. They can play in Europe where the games are more affordable for the fans and the players earn a fraction of what they make in North America..

For a fan it is more important to support a local owner keeping the team in the city and providing and keeping up a venue long term than to blow it away on a player who may be in the city for a couple of years and evidently feels entitled to make as much money as he can lay his hands on for-oh lets just say-a new Ferrari.
i work a mundane job too. If I don't want to spend my money on the NHL, I will cancel my tickets. My main concern is the owners getting too much. I will never support my local owner (Wirtz) who is trying to bleed every Hawks fan dry, just raised drink prices 50-75 cents.

Meanwhile, last weekend I went to a game played by NHL players for free to raise money for a charity and payed less than 20 bucks a ticket for pretty good seats.

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