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10-30-2012, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Not opposed to waiting until the deadline at all. However, if the offers are still underwhelming at that time, Gillis needs to accept it and move Luongo to the highest bidder that he will go to. Going into the playoffs with a healthy Schneider and Luongo absolutely cannot be an option IMO.
I think Gillis has until late next offseason (at the latest)... If the offers are still underwhelming at the deadline (and no significant improvements available elsewhere - therefore, cap space not needed), I think riding excellent goaltending for 1 more playoffs can work...

Then, there's other deadlines to still try - the draft, after free agency, before training camp...

Gillis' goal, IMHO, is to send Luongo to Florida... and it just so happens, Florida will probably be in the market for a #1 goaltender by next offseason (Theodore retiring)... Also gives teams some time to play with the new CBA...

For me, assuming Luongo and Schneider are both still outstanding options for #1 by the start of next season's training camp (and, I do think they both would be), I think that Gillis needs to move Luongo to the highest bidder, at the latest, then... I assume that the Canucks will need the cap space, and that Luongo would have had enough with limbo...

Chances are, the team Luongo gets traded to wouldn't be in the playoffs anyways... At least by staying on the Canucks, Lu has a good chance to be in the playoffs, and be given the opportunity to be a difference maker - not only in the playoffs, but for a *knock on wood* cup run... AV will, IMHO, go with the goaltender he feels gives the team the best option to win any given night... For me, a pissed off, motivated Luongo is a real scary, dangerous weapon to have...

My opinion is that, more than anything, the real possibility of having Lu stay on the Canucks for one more season is all it will take (i.e. the threat and promise)... If teams believe that Gillis will keep Luongo, it will only take a month or two on the team, IMO, before Tallon (or Burke, or someone else) pays more than they are prepared to pay to have Luongo today... Towards the price that convinces Gillis it's time to trade Luongo...

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