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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
Gretzky is one thing, this is not about the stars only. And yes we have had lots of comparisons to every day workers on the one hand and self entitled arrogance on the other.
... obviously I used Gretzky as an extreme example to make a point, but really, any decent enough player with pro potential is identified early in life, from Pee Wee to Bantam, some late bloomers' into Midget. Some guys who through hard work & earlier passed over in the various Drafts (St.Louis for eg) coming up through NCAA, the minors, walk-on's.

But you take any one of them from AA or AAA at the amateur levels and ya, they were told they were special, had a "gift", could possibly live the dream, definitely would in a lot of cases. Im not being argumentative here with you pepty, just sayin that the sort of character & attitude that this sort of social environment engenders in the individual can easily be misinterpreted as arrogance, one of the by-products being ugly self entitlement, over-inflated ego.

Generally speaking however, my experiences in getting to know many players over the years, having played at a higher level myself, making a living in the entertainment sector for over 30yrs now, you simply cant broad brush the entire sector as being self-entitled self-absorbed narcissist's. Hockey players in particular are noted for being down to earth, benevolent, heads screwed on straight individuals. Why, even Call Girls claim hockey players are their favourite clients in comparison to NFL, NBA or MLB players. Nice, down to earth boys one and all. I mean c'mon here.

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