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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Well, lets try and compare them to the Blackhawks, a team that was also accussed of tanking to accumultae draft picks.

The Hawks had three high, top five picks in a short span, one of which was a bust (Barker) and two who were pretty good. Now, the Oilers have had the first pick in the draft three years in a row. Three forwards when the Oilers most pressing need is on defense. Now, did they over rate Yak to the extent of taking depth instead of need? In my opinion, yes, but thats my opinion. Best availible player doesnt work when you could have traded down a couple spots and took a player who would also grow with the core already in place, the same core that is already young and has no problem scoring goals.

Now the Hawks pretty much said when Tallon messed up right after the lock out with failure free agent signings, that they were gonna be bad for a couple years, and traded away every player he had and accumilated a horrendous amount of draft picks and developed players such as Duncan Keith, who were already in the system and created so much depth in terms of prospects that it became a strength. I dont see the Oilers doing this. I see them being happy that they have picked first in the draft for three straight years and thats it. And even then, outside of drafting first overall, they have had some questionable picks outside of stealing Eberle in 2007, when they could have taken Subban when they had three first round picks, and 2009 when there was a bevy of defensive talent who would look good instead of MPS. I, as a casual observer, are not in no way impressed by any draft pick the Oilers have made outside of their three year run as the worst team in the league, but again, thats just me. I also think a couple of those picks, Hall especially, are questionable because Hall is injury prone and Seguin might be a better player in the long run.

Long story short, you draft balance over anything in the NHL in this day of a salary cap if you actually want to put out a competitive team. The Oilers have what looks like alot of mistakes and I wonder if they need a Dale Tallon type to do in there and right the ship with a tweak or two when the obvious is actually seen by somebody who doesnt have his heart on his Oilers shirt sleeve. But in my opinion, this team is closer to picking first for a fourth straight year then making the playoffs, and the only person to blame for that is the GM.
Eberle was taken in 2008, the first year with our current scouting staff. 2007 was a bad draft (Plante and Nash were considered reaches at the time), but to fault us for passing on Subban is moronic. Hindsight is 20/20 and there were reasons he lasted into the 2nd round.

BPA is always the way to go (unless you consider the difference negligable). It's easier to turn an elite winger into an elite Dman via trade than to make a #2 guy into one because you drafted a lesser player Also, let's not compare a completed rebuild into one currently taking place. Of course the cup winning hawks team will look better than the rebuilding oilers.

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