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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... and even if a handful are, so what? People are going to say stupid things from time-time. Youve got over 700 members. Most assuredly there is the odd Wingnut who just cant help himself. But to then portray the entire membership as such is to do a major disservice to a very small group who's contributions to society as a whole are substantial on a multitude of levels. In light of how the NHL has treated labour since 1956, from 67 on the PA run by a collusive & corrupt leadership, the appalling pension suit, serious gains really only made in 94, I have a real hard time reading post after vitriolic post, wondering at times if Frank Luntz and his minions havent infiltrated the site, compromising its objectivity, integrity.
Funny thing is every other site I read a poll on blames the owners 70%+. Here I'd say it is 80 / 20 in favor of supporting owners.

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