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10-30-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
The NBA put forth a MUCH HARSHER first proposal...

The NHL's first proposal was a cut of 14% of the players share of HRR. I don't care what sort of math the PA or diptards like Walsh use, but when you decrease the percentage share from 57% to 43%... THAT IS ONLY A 14% REDUCTION OF SHARE!!! Not 28%... Not 30%... Yeah, there would have been a greater percentage reduction of players salaries as figured against what they previously made, but the over all share simply dropped fourteen goddamned percentage points...

The NBA's initial proposal was to slash the players share of BRR from 60% to 40%. Doing the quick math there? 20% reduction of the players share...


To the players, it doesn't matter what percentage of the total pie they make; the relative change in salary vs. current earnings is much more important.

If you tell someone "we're cutting your paycheck from 2% of the total budget to 1%", they're going to be way more upset about losing half their salary. The fact that it's "only a change of 1%" of the total budget is totally meaningless to them.

The important figure is a (57-43)/(57) = 24.6% reduction, because that is the amount of their individual paycheck that a player would have lost under the original proposal.

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