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10-30-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by tigermask48 View Post
I can, it was this kind of sort of big deal sporting event that happens like 4 years or so. Maybe you missed it in your fantasy world where everyone that's Canadian "gets" hockey, and where NBC is some tiny second fiddle channel... Understandable, it's not like the Summer Olympics are one of the biggest events in sports or anything (what exactly was ESPN broadcasting during this? Probably poker or the X-games or something.)

I mean you make it sound like NBC is some crappy local network and not the second biggest sports broadcaster after NBC. Which isn't the case at all. Your arguement, that you are passing off as fact, is little more than hypothetical scenarios and opinion. You continue to ignore more facts than you present in any of your reasoning and yet show up call all of us wrong and then provide no support to your claims.
Your main argument is that you watched some Non-Primetime Olympics Coverage OVER 3 months ago? When was the last time you watched ESPN my good sir? Anyways, I think your missing my point. The point is not how bad Versus/OLN/NBC sports is, it is alright as a second tier sports network. It is the fact that Gary Bettman and the NHL decided it was in the leagues best interest to go to leave the biggest sports broadcaster to go there. Lets not forget it took close to 7 years for NBC sports to even exist. Before that we had the rediculously overrated and crappy versus network.

The NHL has decided that it is in the leagues best interest to be the "thing" on a second rate network. I fundamentally disagree with that. I think being a part of ESPN is the better way to go, and supplementing the Stanley Cup Playoffs on ABC which would rotate the NBA finals and the Stanley Cup on a nightly basis.

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