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Originally Posted by CN_paladin View Post
1) 99% of the players who spoke out have no actual understanding of numbers and finance because they've already lost 26.5% of their salaries.

2) 99% of the players who spoke out put all the blame on the owners.

3) Growing up most people are taught that 50/50 is the fair distribution of things while the players believe otherwise.

4) Suter ditch his morals and backtrack after insulting his owner while Roy brags about how much public disturbance every time he starts his Ferrari.

5) The players still believe the show they offer is godly and irreplaceable but the majority of Americans don't give a rat's ass about them.
1) Tell ya what, someone signs you to a multi-year million dollar plus Contract with a 6 figure or more signing bonus at 18 or 20, your gonna learn real quick, your agent, parents & peers insisting on it.

2) Of course they did, because the owners are the ones responsible for the mess. The players are passengers, they dont have a hand on the wheel.

3) Sure 50/50 is "fair" when yer like, 10. Real life doesnt work like that. Almost all partnerships are 49/51. Frankly, Im a capitalist and believe ownership should be entitled to make 55, 60, Hell, 75% if possible. But when your turning close to $3B in revenues and actually seeing your profitability being flushed & wiped out due to Labour costs, the single biggest expense, then you civilly, honestly & directly engage the Union, open your books, patiently explain the facts of life, sell them on "shared sacrifice" and a bright sunny day down the road. You dont roll out the Rhino Mounted Unbuntu Shock Troops.

4) So Suter & Roy are a coupla kids with more money than sense, shoot their mouths' off without thinking. So what? Are they "A-Typical" of the entire membership or simply "A-Typical ***h***s"? I believe the latter. You have people like that in every group.

5) Really? I believe Americans are actually a Hell of a lot more enlightened & intelligent than the World gives them credit for. Maybe you should ask the fans in Miami, Tampa, Phoenix, Carolina, LA, Chicago & elsewhere how they feel about it? Who cares about the "majority"? We know hockey is a niche' sport, the reasons for it being so are many, the responsibility for it being so lying at the feet of the NHL & its member clubs who for generations have insured it stays that way in running their shady operation's like Crime Inc or more accurately Maxwell Smarts nemesis, KAOS. You dont think the thousands of businesses & charities from Philly to San Jose' who's revenues have disappeared thanks to the NHL's tactics "dont care"?

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