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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Wait, did the Stars sign him to a 5 year deal?

Seriously though, just remember that at this point there's a chance he never plays a game for the Stars (we're all hoping that's not the case).
For sure, this lockout came at a very inopportune time for Jagr and Stars fans.

Last year was a re-adjustment period for Jagr in the NHL and couple that with the injury (groin) he struggled with in the second half, this made it a rather average come back for him.

At the half-way mark Jagr had 40 Pts in his first 41 games (consider that he didn't score his first goal that season until the 7th game mark) and there was lots of optimism for the second half. His chemistry with Giroux and Hartnell was at its peak, he was looking stronger and stronger and was starting to look very comfortable to be back in the NHL (he was putting together a string of 1,2, 3 Pts games at that point along with 18, 19, 20 + minute games) and then the ever-pesky groin injury occurred.

He tried to come back too early and when he did; it seemed that he had fallen out of favor with Laviolette and was relegated to the 3rd and 4th lines playing about 12 minutes a game. He never really regained his form back. He looked hurt, slow, tired and his shot was lacking.

Watching his games in the Czech Extraliga this year has me very excited.

He looks lighter yet stronger and his stickhandling and shooting look to be back to Jagr standards.

What I have also noticed is the jump in his legs, he looks quicker and faster this year. For what it's worth, it is only the Czech Extraliga (this is a weaker league than even the KHL) but the level of play in the league is up this year due to the influx of many NHL players and in comparison, the last time Jagr played in the Czech Extraliga was 2004-05 (the last lockout) and he was putting up similar numbers then as to now and we all know how well he played the following NHL season.

If there is an NHL season (which we are all hoping there is), all indication has it that the Dallas organization is putting a lot of faith in Jagr to help lead them back to the playoffs. He will be allowed to play on the right half boards on the PP (something that we rarely saw in Philadelphia) and this has always been his bread and butter on the PP.

What's clear is that he still has elite vision and give him the chance (as long as he stays healthy) and I have no doubt in my mind that he can return to being a PPG player and 30 goal scorer. I think he will be given more opportunities to lead in offense where as in Philly that team revolved around Giroux last year. Jagr even at this advanced stage of his career still needs to have the puck on his stick to be an effective player.

This is also without taking into consideration the type of mentoring he will offer to the younger Stars players and very importantly Benn. The way he prepares for games and the fact that he once was the league's best player will help to mold Benn into a better player.

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