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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
Then don't you go to the organization with that? You don't see anything wrong with your franchise goalie on a 12 year deal coming out to the media open for a trade?

You're right he only ended one season on the bench. I still feel like he could have asked for a trade and nobody would have blamed him, he was in his mid 20's with a starter with a 12 year contract in front of him. I give him credit for doing what was best for the organization rather than just saying he will.
It could have been handled a lot better but so could this ENTIRE goaltending situation! I don't see the point of getting on just Luongo is going to help or solve anything.

He could of but unlike Hodgson I think Schneider understands the value of learning your craft from a veteran.

Nice little dig at Luongo at the end... WHO could have seen that coming?

Sometimes I feel Pauser had a complete mental breakdown that aligned with one of Luongo's breakdowns (think Freaky Friday level of strangeness) & he produced 2 posters with 2 complete opposite views (You & y2k) & now you just get on "each other".

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