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Originally Posted by Double-Shift Lassť View Post
None of this is implied by the self-imposed deadline kind of thinking that got this all started in the first place. Unless you think someone is suggesting "I'm giving the NHL till Nov. 1 to get its act together or I'm going to follow through with my plans to start my own small business. If they start playing games, well, never mind."
I guess the analogy for me isn't a light switch, but a dimmer. As I turn up the brightness on one area of interest, I turn down the dimmer elsewhere. For me personally, I figure each video I make has 100+ hours into it. To do that free of charge, I had to have a lot of time energy to put into it. My fandom was cranked just about as high as it could go, and it's gradually getting turned down as things pass. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say I'm probably around 60% of where I was a year ago this time. If the season were to start tomorrow I'd still make the trip to see my quarter season season tickets. I'll still watch a good number of the games, but I don't think I'd stay up to watch a 10:30pm start, and I'd look hard about weather or not to renew the season tickets in the future.

But at some point, the dimmer gets down so low that you wonder why you're sending any energy to it at all. And that could be the reason someone has given it a deadline. Their already directing a lot of energy and effort elsewhere. They either need to turn the dial back up, or just turn it off completely.

Maybe because I quit following the league from 1998-2003, it doesn't bother me to turn it off again.

Originally Posted by Double-Shift Lassť View Post
I'll admit I don't know you off these boards, Skraut, but you seem like you've got a pretty good life. It's way cool you've got this new stuff percolating, and I get that some additional free time may have played a role. But I can't get on board with the notion that folks who wish the NHL would get back to playing games so that we could go to them and talk about them and watch them on TV can't still recognize a leisure time choice for what it is as they prioritize their lives.
I never said those who want the NHL to come back (of which I count myself) couldn't recognize that it was just a leisure activity, and couldn't prioritize it.

I said those that may turn their back on the league may have found other leisure time activities.

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