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10-30-2012, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Traded down and got more assets and still a decent pick?

Debateable. Seguin has already passed him, imo, and plays a premium forward position. If he was taken instead, the Oilers could have taken Landeskog and the dynamic of the Oilers is changed for the better, imo, of course.

Possibly, but I will wager Landeskog is a better pro.

Which means they could have returned a huge bevy of talent for him.

I dont think thats the case. I think many just want the Oilers to return to what they used to be instead of being the leagues laughing stock. How could anybody say they are envious or jealous of a team that has picked first overall three straight times? And even then, the fabled top end talent on the Oilers needs to develop further to actually be something to be jealous of?

Jealous of the potential? Nah. Every team in the league has players with potential. The Oilers players need to play up to that potential and so far they havent done anything but prove they can beat the tar out of the Blackhawks during the regular season when the Hawks are pretty much sleep walking thru the 60 minutes.

The Oilers need a number one defenseman. And sadly if they want to be competitive, need to over pay to get one and when they do, I will bet Oiler fans will not like the end result of what they give up for one from what is actually out there. Karlsson surely isnt, and I guestion if Bogo is either.
Essentially, what you are telling me is that Seguin is the better player. Landeskogg is the better pro, and we made the wrong choice in picking Yak.

Listen dude, you've got to STOP TROLLING!!!! Your intentions are so obvious. Do you mind telling me why so much hatred towards one team? If you would have given the Oilers credit for making the right decision just 1 of the 3 times, I may have believed that you were sincere in your opinion. However, it is abundantly clear that your intention is to downplay the talent that the Oilers have amassed. Give them a couple of years, and they will be one of the top 4 teams in the league.

Are you sure you have no hidden agenda...I'm sure you want nothing but to see the Oilers succeed.

Envy, Envy, ENVY!!!

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