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Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
Kind of surprised to hear a comment like this, although I respect the honesty. I personally don't think the desire to "win?" should alter a decision to make the smartest hockey play. I'm unsure how someone actually has the time to plan who is good enough to be gifted with a pass.


Your comment doesn't make sense. Anyone with any sort of skill should always have time to decide whether or not to pass to specific player as opposed to making a different decision. And you reference making the smarter hockey play, but you fail to grasp that the smarter hockey play means making a play that puts your team in a better position than they were in before you made the play which in some cases means holding the puck or passing it to a different player as opposed to a teammate who is wide open, but might not be in the rigth spot to succeed once he/she gets the puck.

On my main team we have a bender on the team which is fine, no one complains and he's a great team player and smart player on the ice. But if he's wide open in the neutral zone and one of my teammates gives him the puck in a spot where he might then turn it over as opposed to looking for a different passing outlet I consider that a bad hockey play. Or iif someone rockets him a pass in the slot for a one timer I call that a bad hockey play by the passer since you should always know who you are passing to and what they are capable of. Passing to people just because they are open is not smart hockey.

Of course I'm talking about league play, not drop in.

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