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10-30-2012, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
Add in Teubert, Peckham, Fedun and even a guy like Bradon Davidson or Dillan Simpson and it is not like they have simply ignored the backend. In fact they drafted 11 defensemen in a three year span.

In the NHL right now they have Smid and Petry who are both still on their RFA years. They also have N. Schultz who is a very uderrated dman and a guy who did a lot to stabilize the defense after coming from Minnesota. They also have Whitney, who is a real wild card.

So right now going forward the Oilers core looks to be RNH(19), Hall (21), Eberle (22), J. Schultz (22) and Yakupov (18). You can probably add to this Smid (26), Petry (24) and Klefbom (19). That is a very young and talented group.

In goal Dubnyk is a question mark, but he is still very young by netminder standards. Statistically he also had a pretty decent year last year. The team also has Roy(21) who is playing very well in OKC and who may very well be the Baron's starter by season's end as well as Tyler Bunz (20) who also has potential.

Ina ddition to the defnes prospects thay have Paajarvi, Pitlick, Lander, Hartikainen, and Rieder all of whom have a very good shot at long NHL careers. An of course this does not include Gagner, who I actually believe will be traded in the next two years.

So two and a half years frrom the start of the rebuild it is not like the cupboard is bare. On top of this the Oilers have a cap structure that would allow them to keep this group together and still add core pieces going forward. None of this guarantees future success but it seems silly to write them off.
If any of the bolded becomes more than a #6/7 defenseman, I will eat my hat.

Personally, I think the Oilers best bet would be to move Eberle right now in exchange for someone like John Carlson. Eberle is bound to regress, and he'll never have higher value than he does right now. Yakupov will be much better than Eberle and take the spot as #1RW, and the Oilers are deep on RW with Hemsky anyway.

I know Oilers fans are going to scream bloody murder because Eberle is best friends with Hall and signed a steal of a contract extension and is super clutch and everything, but trading him for a young stud #1 defenseman would be the best move right now, and very good asset management to boot.

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