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10-30-2012, 04:17 PM
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I want to vote for Hamilton. The fans got their hopes dashed with all the RIM attempts to land a team there.

However, Markham just makes so much more sense geographically, and the impact of having a team in Markham as opposed to Hamilton would be more beneficial for the NHL owners.

Like a previous poster mentioned, Pegula just recently bought the Sabres, and during that time that the NHL was trying to lure in Pegula, they were staunchly protecting their interests in the region from the attempts of RIM's Jim Balsillie to plant a team in Hamilton.

The NHL obviously feels that they need to protect the Sabres, and have the ability to open the market in Markham without creating too negative an impact on the Leafs, although more importantly (due to their fragility) the Senators.

I'm not saying the Sens are a weak team, just that by contrast, they are weaker than the Leafs in terms of fans and (more importantly, ticket sales).

The underlying notion here is that the Sabres are clearly a much more fragile market than the Senators.

Markham is the more sensible option in terms of the all important dollar, but Hamilton is the more empathic option.

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