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10-30-2012, 04:30 PM
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EU isn't really canon. they basically have to approve stuff, but at any point, Lucas can say "nope, this didn't happen" and a whole book can basically be wiped out. If they're killing a major character, they have to get approval, and that stuff is checked off, but other than that, it's more or less hammered out by lower level people at LucasArts and written by contract writers.

As for the deal and potential movies, I'm up in the air about it. I'm excited if they could get a decent TV show run, as that was a plan that couldn't get off the ground because of money demands. They were going to do something BSG-esque, and I think that is more a route that they should go. If not, I will watch Star Wars 7, I just hope they don't use new actors playing the characters from the original. Just make it 20-30 years down the road, the war has still gone on, whatever. Maybe the Emperor returns, who knows.

Just nothing too hokey. Having seen the last Indiana Jones Movie and the 3 prequels, I'm not sure how this could be any more than a lateral move at worst, and a positive upgrade at best. Worst case scenario, 2 or 3 more movies come out, they're comparably bad, and that's it.

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