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Originally Posted by Oilin Toronto View Post
You mean, you want to make yourself believe that Seguin will be a better player, when clearly Hall is the more complete player, averages a higher PPG scoring, is more of the team player, is extremely competitive, is a winner, and the future captain of the Oilers. And you will choose Seguin, who evidently, doesn't have the best attitude, is not known to be a team player, has a lower PPG average, and was a collosal failure in the playoffs last year, playing in the 1st line C role.

NO thanks...give me Hall any day of the week. Watch him play regularly, and you'll see why this guy is the heart and soul of our team.
What? If anything, it's pretty close. Seguin is good in all three zones and will be a continuous 30 goal scoring well rounded center for many years to come, he needs time to work on things like penalty killing and faceoffs and hasn't gotten that time because he's on a team with experienced players who are better at those aspects of the game. Seguin is being developed in a strict system where he isn't allowed as much liberty as the young Oilers squad. Hall has heart and is a "winner," well good for him. If you don't think the Oilers would, this coming year, be more balanced with RNH/Eberle on the first line then Seguin/Yak on the second line you're crazy. You don't need three superstars on each line, one good/great center, a good/great winger and someone to do the dirty work which is what balance is all about. Even putting up a lot of points doesn't necessarily dictate how well you control the game, if for every goal you score you take a bunch of shots which directly result in a one-and-done game you could be doing more harm in some instances which often results in weak team defense, which I think is the Oilers real problem.

That isn't to say the pick was wrong, you usually want to pick he who will have the most value. If I was the Oilers I would trade one of Hall/Eberle/Yak for a very good center if it was possible. As for a great defenseman, good luck, they're hard to find and usually kept with the team that put forth all the effort and **** games to develop them. With a more structured, defensive minded system, solid performances from dubnyk, and a bit more balance in the top 9 I think the team could be playoff bound. Judging from last year I would say the final four teams were the four most conservative teams (offensively) we've seen in a while and the league appeared to be trending that way, especially out west.

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