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10-30-2012, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilin Toronto View Post
YOu didn't just say Murphy and Runblad did you.
Runblad: as a 22 year old that has done nothing. In 24 games with Ottawa, he had 6pts and -11. He was -18 with Portland of the AHL. He is on the ice for more goals allowed than he is for pts scored.
Murphy on the other hand: This year in the OHL, 14gp 1+2= 3pts and is a -4. This is not a stacked D.

The other is Despres, Maatta, Morrow, Pouliot, Harrington, and Dumoulin. The only one that might crack the top 4 is Morrow and Harrington. I'd still take the Edmonton D over all these guys.

McIlrath and Sauer will not sniff the NHL. McIlrath perhaps as an 6/7 enforcer role, but nothing more than that.

You will have to do alot better than that.
Rundblad is younger than Justin Schultz and has played in the NHL. Not a great argument for you. And Connor Murphy has had injury problems, not to mention the fact that he's not an offensive defenseman. Besides that, you're completely ignoring the fact that OEL is a million times better than anyone the Oilers have, and Yandle is what you hope Schultz becomes.

I'm so glad you have a crystal ball in regards to the Pens kids. Funny, because Despres is already playing in the Pens top-4. Pouliot and Maatta were literally just drafted, and Dumoulin was one of the best defensemen in college hockey. You are biased and you know absolutely nothing about anyone's prospects but your own.

Sauer was a legit #4 defenseman before he got his concussion, so you probably don't know squat about Rangers prospects either.

Et tu?

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