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10-30-2012, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
Doughty, AP, OEL, Karlsson, guys like this are not on the block. They would not be traded for Eberle.
No, but a guy like John Carlson might be. He's the guy I'd target.

Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
The truth is these kids are too young to make any definitive statements about how good they will be. Klefbom for example has just turned 19 and has made great strides of late. What was the upside for Keith, or Yandle or Letang at the same age.
Keith Yandle had a 1.33 ppg in the Q to his name and a .5 ppg season in the AHL by the time he was 19, despite being a 4th round pick.

Kris Letang was at .7 ppg in the AHL by the time he was 20, and he was a 3rd round pick.

Duncan Keith was playing elite defense and at a .35 ppg in the AHL at age 19 despite being picked int he very late 2nd round.

You know what the problem is? You're comparing a guy chosen in the mid-first round with guys all chosen at 55 or later. Those guys shouldn't be expected to progress as quickly as Klefbom, but all 3 had breakout seasons directly after being drafted. So yeah, you can definitely get a handle on what kind of NHL player a guy is going to be if he's putting up elite numbers like that at age 19.

Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
I've been an Oiler fan since 1972. I have no problem being patient with this rebuild. This team is being built to stay together for a decade which is exactly how I would like to see it. There is still lots of time to round out the team once you know what you have and what you really need.
My question is to keeping together your young elite forwards while having enough depth to have a Cup-winning team. Chicago won it while Kane and Toews were still on their ELCs. Anaheim won it while Getzlaf and Perry were still on their ELCs. Do you honestly think that the Oilers can win it while RNH/Yakupov are on their ELCs? Because if not, considering the contract Eberle got, you're going to have to be very careful with your financials.

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