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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Any of you guys know what the laws regarding a wooden fence in a back yard in Philadelphia is? Our one neighbor who doesn't like us has called animal control and CLIP on us at least 5 times in the past month and the animal control and CLIP people recommended putting up a fence that they won't be able to see over so they can't call for ******** reasons. They even said that they've closed the case since other than the one time there wasn't anything wrong with the yard or the animals
Sounds to me like you're fine apart from a jackass neighbor. I don't know the laws regarding wooden fences in the city apart from them just needing to be built to code. You can have them in the city, even though the vast majority I see are of the chain link variety.

Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
Disney isn't all kids movies, either:

Crimson Tide, The Scarlet Letter, Judge Dredd (original), The Rock, Con Air, G.I. Jane, Enemy of the State, The 13th Warrior, National Treasure, The Prestige, and Apocalypto are all Disney Group movies.

They've got a pretty diverse portfolio. Hopefully they don't target Star Wars to 5 year olds; they have no excuse if they do. "But we're Disney" ceases to be an excuse when you've got Apocalypto under your belt.
That's what worries me. I'll admittedly have trouble adjusting to new actors filling the 3 main roles, but if the stories are good and it's written and acted well (which the prequels weren't) I think I can get over it enough to separate these films mentally from the original 3 to enjoy them on their own. I'm sure some fanboy could tell me what would possibly happen in these movies and what characters we'd see. I'm guessing possibly Admiral Thrawn and/or Mara Jade and something to do with taking back Coruscant.

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