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Originally Posted by Chimaera View Post
EU isn't really canon. they basically have to approve stuff, but at any point, Lucas can say "nope, this didn't happen" and a whole book can basically be wiped out. If they're killing a major character, they have to get approval, and that stuff is checked off, but other than that, it's more or less hammered out by lower level people at LucasArts and written by contract writers.
True, but EU try to respect established chronology, making link between movies, books, comics and videogames..whenever it implicates Lucas (movies AND TV series), they just write their **** down, not doing any kind of research about their very own universe, very pathetic. We can clearly see that in the 3D series The Clone Wars now...Ahsoka Tano's existence a the very proof of that They're just looking for the cool aspect...they lost me as a fan..I still buy comic books though, Dark Horse makes a tremendous job at keeping the experience genuine.

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