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10-30-2012, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Utterly Disgusting View Post
If there is a year long lockout and we get a high pick, everything that I've read about Josh Morrisey makes him an intriguing option. But I bet a lot of you don't want another high pick going for a defenseman.
If we end up with a seriously high pick due to the lockout, I'd want it to be spent on a shooter. This draft seems to have more of them available than the last few. Most seasons it seems you need a top 5 pick to get a genuine sniper type player. Looking at Dan's composite ranking (just to repeat his warning, it's an average of rankings not his personal ranking) a guy like Rychel could be available mid-round and a guy like Lehkonen could still be around even late in the first. I don't know how this organization can justify picking up a Pulock when a Lazar or Shinkaruk are on the board.

The way I see it, the first 2-3 picks you have to take the outright best player available. Picking second and you're absolutely stacked on defense? Too bad, you just have to pick Jones. From the 3rd or 4th pick through to the middle of the round, it seems to me that you should lean towards institutional need a little more. Maybe you think Ristolainen is going to be an overall "better" player than Shinkaruk, but you're the Wild and beyond Zucker and Seto, there's no one in the system that wants to shoot so I'd go with Shinkaruk. Late round is mostly for picking up the crumbs. If you're picking 25th, you probably still have one of your top 15 guys available just because of how differently each team ranks players. There's enough of a difference between that player and the next that need likely doesn't factor in.

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