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10-30-2012, 05:57 PM
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Further explanation on the new "business model" the owners are supposed to be presenting this week..

It's from eklund so take it for what it's worth :
I have been hearing for a few days now that some of the NHL owners were working on a new concept and now I am finally allowed to go with it "on the record."

The concept is essentially a hybrid of three different offers....i.e., a way of getting a soft landing to 50% but also assuring the current contracts will be basically paid by using a concept of a hard number versus a percentage.

The deal would see the NHL keep the salary limit where it was last season ($1.8 billion) this season and next season and every season forward UNTIL the NHL revenues exceed $3.6 billion, at which time the players salaries would then go to a 50/50 split of hockey-related revenues.

Essentially, it would be a deal where the player-share percentages go from 57 to 54 to 52 to 50 but without the NHL side actually saying that's what they're doing.

UPDATE 12:45am: I just got an EXTREMELY interesting text from an influential player.."If the owners come with the deal in your latest blog and Fehr does not take it we will make him. It is the offer to question."
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