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10-30-2012, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Hanta Yo View Post
Something along with the Thrawn Trilogy is one of the few stories that I can see be worthy of being called "7", although I still think they shouldn't go with the 7 route. Would be weird to see new actors come and replace the beloved originals, or at least I'm guessing they would be replaced. Still feel skeptical at best though.
The Thrawn trilogy wouldn't really work because it requires a Luke Hand and Leia that are only a few years older than the end of Return of the Jedi. Also, a major part of the plot relied on the 'Clone Wars' which in the book set a history very different from Lucas' prequel trilogy. You may be able to spin it to match but it's going to be tough.

In my opinion what would be great is if they keep elements from the Thrawn trilogy, specifically Grand Admiral Thrawn as he was as the new bad guy (for those unfamiliar he's a legitimately great villain, of the Professor Moriarty type), but set farther in the future with new actors for the good guys, perhaps playing the Solo twins as recent graduate from Luke's new Jedi Academy.

As you can tell by my tone I'm going to be looking forward to this, though I'll keep me expectations in check. In my opinion the tragedy of Star Wars is George Lucas constantly revising things and messing stuff up, along with the major let down that was the Phantom Menace (I didn't mind the next two). As someone else already pointed out most of the charm from the original Star Wars came from other creative minds, George Lucas' area of expertise was more in camera work and special effects. The brand went downhill once George's ego grew too big and he decided he didn't have to listen to anyone anymore.

Taking Star Wars away from him to make a new Star Wars movie could be a great thing, and I think Disney has proven that they can be trusted to pull it off and that they've come a long way from being just an animated studio for kids with a big theme park.

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