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Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
I see no downside to holding out, playing the kids for some key development time and adding the OA when the right opportunity presents itself. It'd be foolish to panic and jump on the first run-of-the-mill OA you can find and burn another card at this point - which is what he did just before the season if you ask me.

Having said that, this will be a pricey year as the deadline draws near. Way more buyers than sellers given how many teams feel they can compete.

I see the value of playing the kids too and not panicking in regards to the OA situation. But improving on the OA's has to take precedence.

Historically, in 2003 (George Halkidis), and in 2006 (Cory Konecny) we scored very good OA's in the 1st couple months of the season. Also, we waited around until the deadline in 2008 and wound up overpaying for Scott Tregunna (rights to Cam Fowler and a second rounder). Tregunna was useful, but we overpaid for him because we were expecting the 80+ point getter from the year before. That's not the guy who showed up.

You are right about the buyer/seller ratio. It's going to be bigtime expensive to do anything at the deadline if things keep rolling like they are around the league - especially in the west. That's not good for the Rangers at all since we are virtually out of high end draft picks and most of our young players that other teams would covet have their share of warts (Bailey and probably Gilbert excluded).

As a matter of fact, I believe that no matter what, any prospective trading partner will be demanding Bailey, front and center. I can here the negotiation now:
Spott: "Sterk or Pederson?"
Opposing GM: "Nope. I want Bailey."
Spott: "How about Schmalz?"
Opposing GM: "Nope Bailey!"
Spott: "There's no way I'm moving Bailey!"
Opposing GM: "Then I'll call back the three other teams who are offering better pieces. Don't call back unless you're willing to part with Bailey."

Ouch! I hate to be Spott at the deadline. He will hear about it big time if he doesn't make an impact between now and the deadline after saying this would be a special year - Memorial Cup run, etc.

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