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Originally Posted by Morris Wanchuk View Post
I would, so long as the results matter the same as when the real players return.

I want to see this union break, if that what it takes then so be it.

That being said, if it was more than a few games, I would probably start getting pissed because no one out want to buy my tickets.

Do you think it is the players fault they get locked out every time the CBA expires? After the last lockout they and the owners agreed to a deal which installed a salary cap. Some would say that the players gave in on their stance and lost the battle with the owners for that deal. Now that this deal in which the players "lost" is over the owners would like to negotiate a new deal that makes the players lose again.

Yes, without the owners hockey players would not have the NHL. But without these players, the owners would not have any means to make money either. Their partnership should be equal. 50-50 split is a fair idea. But is it fair to roll back the salaries of the Players that these owners negotiated as little as 2 months ago? Moments after signing a contract being told that you won't be receiving as much as you thought and worked hard to be worth.

I hate that people think because players make millions that they should just be happy, shut up and play a game most play for free. These players should be looked at like any other labor force. If the CWA didn't exist communication workers wouldnt recieve half the benefits they do now. Without a PA, NHL players would be castrated by the owners. Remember when the owners first offered a 57-43% role reversal in the first proposal? That would be what players would be playing with at the most if owners had no pushback.

I hate the lockout, I know without a players union there wouldnt be a lockout because the owners could have there way with them. But if the owners were just a little less greedy and decided that they owe their franchises to the players who go out and risk their health and well being then there wouldn't be a lockout either. Maybe the owners should just shut up sit down and watch from their cushy press box as the players go out and make "slightly less" millions for them as they eat caviar and sip pinot

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