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10-30-2012, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
It honestly doesnt matter what Oiler fans on HF think in the big picture. What matters is actually making the Oilers better. I place all of the blame on a GM who has no clue on how to use the draft, and this is with three number one overall picks at his disposal, to rebuild a team.

This situation reminds me of the Detroit Lions taking three wide recievers three years in a row when there were more important positions that could have used an upgrade. Didnt work then and its questionable if this situation would work now and their excuse was they took the BPA.

Time will tell.
You post completely contradicts itself.

The Detroit Lions took WRs because Matt Millen felt they were a few playmakers away from being a competitive team. If they had taken BPA picks (o-line, d-line) over the flashier WRs, they would have had the foundation for a great team.

The Green Bay Packers took Aaron Rodgers in the first round when they already had future HOFer Brett Favre. The New York Giants took JPP in the first round when they already had Tuck, Umenyiora, etc...

Good teams always take BPA at the top of the draft or trade down. The Oilers actually handled the three 1st overalls perfectly - take the BPA every time or trade out. You can disagree with it if you want, but most professional scouts had the players they picked ranked #1. As an Oiler fan, I have no problem whatsoever with they way they picked. In fact, if they had forgone BPA to pick for need, I would have been very angry.

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