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10-30-2012, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
No one is making him out to be a messiah. He clearly indicated from the onset in 2007 when he was made Executive Director that he intended to create a better dialogue with the League, to seek a partnership and work through any issues well in advance of the expiration of the CBA, and create a culture wthin the PA to repair the whole fissures and cracks left behind with Saskin's departure. That did not sit well with the hardliner's faction within the PA. And certain agents as well.

Don't confuse wishful thoughts of PK still being in charge that there'd be no lockout as annointing him as The Savior. What you're reading here are folks obviously frustrated with the current situation and any breath of change or wishful thinking, even if in speculaion, is an avenue of venting that frustration because, quite simply... we never got a chance to see what the man could have done.

And one thing Paul Kelly had that Fehr did not. He certainly had a better inside track going into the forthcoming negotiations given he had a better pulse on knowing what the League intended this go around and had personnel in place to tackle the HRR and other revenue aspects (namely Bob Lindquist). He had his ducks in a row as far back as Spring 2009.

Wrong. The issues surrounding College Hockey Inc was he wanted C.H.I. to have a stronger and more meaningful presence in relation to College Hockey as a whole than merely just the "Marketing Arm". Coaches want to see it. Some Athletic Directors did as well. Unfortuntaely, the higher ups didn't and when he began advocating that it needed to be, he was "silenced" (Resign or get the boot).

I'm treading on a slippery slope here, and I have to be very caretful about what I say as... I don't want to be labeled by the CHL'ers here that I'm taking a (or his) side on this but... the NCAA is obviously fed up with what it deems "poaching" or "enticements" to kill players NLI's (National Letter of Intent) by some CHL clubs. He obviously was very passionate about that.
I can't agree with that. When people say there wouldn't be a lockout with Kelly, that's saying some pretty ridiculous things. How can you know that? No one can know that, just because he wanted better relations with the league doesn't mean that. Fehr isn't some devil who wants to screw the league.

On the CHL, Kelly only made things worse, and the leagues almost sued over claims Kelly made. College hockey isn't viewed in any better light than it was before. Kelly didn't do anything positive, but he made a lot of people mad.

The issue of "poaching" isn't for this threat but claims he made about that are what Kelly is going to be remembered for, and that's certainly not a positive thing.

Originally Posted by WaltWhitman View Post
All he did was provide kids with information about college hockey. I guess if he made CHL partisans angry, he must've been doing a good job of that.

The reason he was fired was because the smaller schools with less money didn't think they were getting helped as much as the big schools with more money and elite prospects. It wasn't because of his so-called "bombastic rhetoric".

It was a big mistake by College Hockey Inc. to fire him.
I didn't say that was the reason he was fired, but his speeches about the CHL sure didn't help him or the NCAA, it made him look like an idiot who would say anything.

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