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Originally Posted by Winnipeg Jets View Post
Anyone have suggestions for learning the ins and outs NFL football? I don't really know the rules so it's frustrating trying to engage myself with a team when I'm not fully understanding what's going on.

I've been watching games as much as I can but I don't grasp the intricacies of the game as I do with the NHL. I picked up Madden 13 to try and learn but it's difficult as hell even on the lower settings.

I was thinking about picking up a book, or perhaps read some magazines (is there an NFL equivalent to The Hockey News?). I'd really like to get to the grassroots type stuff with this game but it seems like the NFL gets as much coverage here as hockey does in the USA in a small market.

Any help?
What would you like to know?

NFL has 11 players on the field
CFL has 12
The field is 10 yards shorter
A whe bunch narrower
The end zones are shorter (only 10 yards deep)
4 downs instead of 3
Goal posts at the back of the endzones
NFL doesnt give a loser point for a punt touchback or field goal that misses
Penalties are really all the same ( just a couple called a different name)

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