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10-30-2012, 09:14 PM
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Hmm, would I pay more money than I will make in the next decade to live in my worst nightmare, the middle of the city in a place packed with people who will no doubt be partying all the time (let's face it, that's what that place will be)?

Yeah, seems like a great idea!

Hell, I couldn't even stand living in Longueuil because the city was too loud for me.

I seriously don't understand how that amount of money is considered reasonable. I rent an apartment of similar size than that for 550 a month and have done so everywhere I've been before. Most younger people room so it's more like 350-400 each a month for a 2 people apartment and that's a reasonable price.

Even in a place like Montreal with high prices, you can rent an apartment for 550-600 a month (granted you'll be taking the metro or driving a while but that's not a huge deal). This price tag would get me a complete house in NB, with a big yard and peace & quiet! I can only dream of the day I have that much money.

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