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10-31-2012, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by me2 View Post
Right now they are a joke so nobody feeks the need to rough up the kids in order to beat them. Wait until NHL teams start taking the Oilers seriously and the NHL stops protecting them because they are kids on a losing team.
When you become top NHLers, expect to be hit harder, slashed harder, cross-checked harder etc etc. When that day comes, if it ever does for Hall because I can see his career being cut-short, they'll be played just as hard, if not harder then the Sedins get played each game.

Sedins took a beating in our Cup run. I mean, look at the top defense pairings they had to endure; Keith, Seabrook, Weber, Suter, Boyle, Murray, Chara, Seidenberg and others as well. Some people may laugh that I mentioned Boyle and Murray because Boyle isn't that physical, but it doesn't take a physical defensemen to slash, and crosscheck. Murray may not be a top defender, but he's a tank. I'm sure there was someone else I'm missing from SJ.

I'd love to see how Hall, Eberle and RNH handle this gauntlet of defense during a Cup run, let alone adding physical forwards as well.

I'd love to see who the whiners would be after that.

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