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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
I understand that it is. Not saying that I believe that to be true, but I repeatedly see that argument being made.

I'm aware that the contract signed is governed by the CBA. I agree that Jack Johnson should have had an agent explain everything to him. However, consider this.

Both sides had the right to terminate the CBA and renegotiate it. If the players opted out in order to get more money in a new deal, they'd universally be called greedy. However, they didn't. The owners opted out of a deal that they basically wrote and got most of what they wanted. Why are the players still being called greedy?

I just can't reconcile the fact that no matter what happened with the CBA, people are so quick to hate on the players in all this.

So you want to compare Ownership earnings to player earnings? How many players lost money last year? How many owners lost money last year?
What risk do the players have compared to the owners?
Who started the NHL? What will be here after the players short career is over?
F$%$ the players, if they canīt take a 50-50 split then the idiots I mean players are going to lose a lot if money and they know it. What league has the players making 57%? We all know your stance Beechsack and your on your own.

Who the F+++ is Jack Johnson, he needs to shut his mouth and worry about his short NHL career. Every time these guys shoot their mouth off it shows they are breaking.

What also makes these greedy NHL players get on my nerves is they cry about their millions of dollars and having to take A PAYCUT

The entire Irish population just took a 10% paycut last year. Minumum wage was cut from 10€ an hour to 9€
Greece is on the brink of collapse and civil servants have lost 25% of there pay
ect ect ect

Quit your ******* crying and get back to work and be happy your league average salary is $1,900,000 down from $2,100,000.

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