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Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
Google "union pay cuts"
Teachers, doctors, police officers, autoworks they do it to survive to keep there profession going to keep their job
NHL Players you have fans these professions donīt
Why are the players not stepping up? They are ******* greedy
The players did step up. With three offers, in fact. All of which would get the owners to their desired 50-50 split likely around Year 4 of the new agreement. And that was operating under the owners' more conservative assumption that growth would slow to 5% in the coming years; if the recent growth had remained, the league may have even been able to get to 50-50 even quicker. I think that's a perfectly reasonable offer, even if the NHL found it to be unacceptable. (Say nothing for the fact it would also make 50-50 the point from which the parties start negotiating in the next round of CBA talks, likely getting the owners a more advantageous split wherein their share exceeds 50%.)

At this point, both sides seem to be in agreement that 50-50 is likely an inevitability. The owners want it now, the players want to slowly phase it in. To get the money addressed, I think the sides are going to have be more creative, but that can't happen until they sit down and talk. And I don't anticipate the PA being too open to the newer restrictions on ELC's and arbitration--that was the primary consideration in exchange for the salary cap in the last CBA--or contract-limit lengths for UFAs (at least anything close to the current offer of five years). I could see the PA bending on the front-loaded contract issue (year-to-year salary variations) and the rule about players earning over a certain amount counting against teams' cap even if they're in the minors or playing elsewhere.

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