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10-31-2012, 08:33 AM
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Yeah the drops were brutal. RGIII was pretty good I thought and could have looked ALOT better if all the butterfingers could hold onto a ball or two. Alot of those drops, had they been catches, could have extended drives, kept the D off the field a bit more and obviously led to more points.

Bah..well not having Davis and Garcon really hurts.

I know there is a fire Haslett bandwagon out there but when I look at it the personell really does blow and not having 4 starters on D playing (on an already thin team due to salary cap issues) isn't doing him any favors.

When he tried to blitz earlier in the season our sucky secondary always gave up some huge play. I think his strategy of being passive is really the only choice. Let the other team march up the field by having 10 play+ drives and hope they make mistakes or get flagged.

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