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10-31-2012, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by vanuck View Post
It's strange, but he's not getting nearly enough shots on net for a player of his calibre. All the good players at this level aren't afraid to let it go (as seen with Kassian). He's had chances, he's just been rather unlucky early on. IMO he just needs to keep going at it and play the percentages, basically.
We don't have a surplus of good finishers on the Wolves, just as we didn't on the Moose. Guys like Grabner, Hodgson, and even Kassian will do fine there as they create opportunities for themselves and aren't affraid to shoot. Schroeder on the other hand is instead dishing the puck rather than shooting, and he just isn't getting the results on the score card. The question is, if he were playing with better players, would he be getting more assists? The obvious answer is yes, but how many more? While I agree that Schroeder probably needs to shoot more, I wouldn't expect a playmaking center to adapt his game to fit in at the AHL level. I think we need to see how Schroeder plays in the NHL with NHL calibur players before we judge him too harshly.

My gut tells me that Schroeder may not make it in the NHL in the long run. Small centers rarely do unless they can really create offense. Schroeder needs to get a shot, that way we can know if he has it in him.

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