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10-31-2012, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by BruinsBtn View Post
I bet Patrick Roy made $10 million on the Quebec Ramparts last year.

And doesn't Jerome Iginla own a team? He's demanding 57% of HRR from NHL owners while paying his players about 2%.

This is long overdue. All the players want is for their education fund to be available at anytime. It's total BS that if a guy goes to the ECHL for two seasons after playing 5 years in the CHL that he gets nothing.
What position do you hold in the CHLPA?

a) Where have the Mooseheads said they're not going to give him his education package? He's not suing for education funds. He's suing for money.

b) Signing an ECHL contract does not preclude a player from his education package, however, he does have 18 months to use it. How long should a team be required to hold his education package open?

Parents and advisors have had input into the CHL's rules governing education, and they've said that 18 months is the right number. Personally, I think it should be a bit longer, but just how long should a team be obligated? What about a player who bounces around the lower leagues for 10 years. Should his CHL team then cover his tuition and expenses at age 30?

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