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05-17-2006, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Bob ********
I never really understand why a team can spend million of dollars on player and not be able to setup a big f**king summer training program with specialize trainer and physiotherapist for the kid they draft, even if they did not sign them. If a team would be wiling to spend let say 5million per year for that, they will probably end up saving twice this amount on UFA.
I think there was (at one time anyway) a bit of an old school philosophy that said you let a kid fight his way up on his own, let him show that he had the desire and the discipline on his own to make it, and that told you something about him and his chances of making it with you. If he fell into bad habits or didn't progress it was a sign of his own weakness and you didn't want him on your team anyway.

But these days, thankfully, there is so much more invested in the game and teams can't afford to take that sink or swim old school approach anymore.

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