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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
What other good books are in the Star Wars canon? Looks like I've read a TON of them but would like to re-read.
All opinion...

Out of all of the EU books, I think I like the X-Wing series the best for enjoyment factors alone. The writing was witty enough where I had an easy time imagining that the characters were all in the same universe as the original movies.

The New Jedi Order books... I was a little "meh" on those because the issues all seemed forced. The Swarm War books were more of a "WTF, BUGS?"

Legacy was far more enjoyable than any other major EU arc whereas Fate was bland.

The writing was rough in a lot of the other smaller spin offs into the expanded universe. The Han Solo trilogy was unreadable and I ended up just listening to it on a road trip instead. The Boba Fett books were also vomit worthy, but I understand why they were leveraged much later.

Otherwise... I tend to just read everything in the EU (or try to) because it is just fun and distracting.

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