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Originally Posted by raketheleaves
When I was a kid, it was almost a guarantee that we would win (late 70s) that it became almost boring. But 1986 was awesome. I skipped school and went to the parade (crazy stuff happened, one Nordique fan had his shirt stripped off and burned, a van backed up through the front window of a clothing store and loaded up with everything in the place, including the cash register). In 1993 I was in California, but watched it in a bar with other Montrealers. We took over the place, everyone was rooting for the Habs. Would be nice to do all that again.
We seem to have a similar love story with the Habs. But to me, the 4 cups in a row of the late '70 were never boring, mainly because it was the only times I can go to bed late. For the first two of these cups, I had the right to watch the whole game only when the habs had a chance to win a serie, and the first period of each game (of course, when in bed, I wasn't sleeping!). For the last two, I watched almost everygame.

My favorite is the last one against Boston in 78 (the third one). It was pretty hot that spring and my father put the TV in the backyard. Each time the Habs score a goal, we were earing the screams of our neighbors from their balcony's door (mixed with our screams, tho).

That said, what I prefer about a stanley cup fever, is the fact that everybody seems more happy and "in shape" in town. Everybody talk to everybody in the restaurants, the bars, the "depanneur", etc.

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