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05-17-2006, 08:27 AM
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Originally Posted by GermanyMontrealExpat
And I keep changing my name to somethingMontrealExpat based on wherever I wind up at the time. Mine seems mundane by comparison. One day, however, I may come back to Montreal if U of M or McGill makes me an offer. I have no idea what my name will become then, as I'll no longer be expat anywhere.

Edit: Maybe I'll copy mcphee and use a name based on a blue-collar Habs from the past. I was born in Alma, Quebec, so maybe something based on Le Bleuet Bionique, Mario Tremblay.
I can honestly say that Mario was my favorite player of the 70's team. I knew he wasn't the best, but I loved the guy. I saw him as a 16 year old with the Bleu Blanc Rouge, and enjoyed him then. I always had a soft spot for those guys. He was always playing on emotion, not a good quality as a coach as it turned out. It kind of bothers me that he's known as a hot headed coach rather than a heart'n'soul player.

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