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10-31-2012, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by SirPaste View Post
Im still confident that he can be a really good NFL QB, sure he has made his share of mistakes but all young QBs do. Not to mention he has a terrible O line, no deep threat WRs, and this is his 3rd offense he has had to learn in 3 seasons.
How long can it go on for though? I honestly think we have 1 offseason to save our first overall pick from being a bust.

There is a point where guys have their potential destroyed by being in a position to only fail and getting no help. After 3 years, we are probably at that point for a lot of players, if it drags into a fourth year, it is really tough to see him being able to come back from that.

We'll at least be in a good position when it comes to our picks, but with little to no margin of error.

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