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10-31-2012, 01:35 PM
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I have been looking at condos lately, especially since I just bought one not long ago. Here's my though on these condos:

First of all, the location of these condos are in the heart of downtown. It might cost you 360k to get something decent with an indoor parking (I read that on this thread somewhere). But you have to think of it from outside the box.

I mean yes they are very expensive and small, but in 10 years...I think the value will almost double. And if you buy a condo you have to think about this because sooner or later (say 5-10 years max) you will either:
A) Rent it out and let your rental income pay the mortgage, or
B) Sell it and make some 100k+ profit that you can use as a downpayment for your next house.

The value is going up, some people might say that there will be a real estate market crash here in Montreal, I respond by telling them to look at the Vancover and the rest of Canada's real estate market. It will just keep going up. And if it does crash at a point...You keep it and you buy something else since houses will be cheap!!! buy low sell high.

Anyways...I would not be able to afford a condo like that at this point in my life, but if I had the money I would buy one just to rent it out and keep it as an investment. These condos are not only in a great location, but have potential to make you ****loads of money when you sell it in 5 years from now.

I bought me a Condo 2 months ago in Dix30...Very nice, modern, with alot of space for about 100k less. And the value of Dix30 real estate is going up at a fast rate right now so I dont regret my decision.

I'm the one who's going to be living with the players, they're all a street away from me!

*high fives Gorges*

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