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10-31-2012, 12:48 PM
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I posted this over at the ESPN Laker Message Board. I am not sure how die hard a laker fans you guys are, but thought I would get some opinions over here, since I am sure the IQ level is at least 20 points higher..

Im not one to overreact, but there are ALOT of things that concern me about how Mike Brown is handling this team. First, and maybe most importantly, it seems like he has not really carved the roles each player will play when they are all in the game. Right now it seems like Nash is playing like he doesnt want to overs-step his role on the team, Dwight is not sure where to be on offense, Kobe is playing WAY to passively, Pau is still out by the 3 point line most times down the floor, and Ron Artest is handling the ball WAY to much. On defense, its pretty much the same problems. We do not look in-sync. Now, this may be because we have not had much time to play together, and that may certainly be the case. But these problems were really present last year also, weren't they? A lot of confusion, not much cohesion, and lots of standing still. At some point in time we have to ask ourselves whether things are going to change, right?

I really think that the organization should take a long hard look at bringing Phil back. Maybe Mike Brown would be alright with stepping to the side as an assistant coach, be in charge of the defensive schemes, and learn from the greatest coach of all time. I do not think any of us would be having these big doubts about player cohesion and making everyone fit if we had Phil in charge. That was his biggest strength, getting players to play together within an offensive scheme. I REALLY think we need a BIG personality on the sidelines in order to be able to handle all of the egos and talent we have assembled. And we really need someone all the players trust and respect in order for them all to buy in. Eddie Jordan and Mike Brown, I am afraid, may not cut it. I hope I am wrong, but I for one would WELCOME back Phil Jackson with open arms. Anyone agree with anything that I said?

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