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05-17-2006, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Dutch
With the kind of Drafts the Habs had in the past 20 years, spending on training programs for the kids is a good start. (10 years too late but meh.)

As for Latendresse, he needs a good dose of reality. With the camp he had, he should have stayed with the Habs, however, there wasn't any place for him and he was sent back down. What he should have done is to bounce back and to prove to everybody that he should have been wearing Red, white and blue this year. But he did the opposite, sat on his *** and sucked with Drummondville. A training a discipline program can only help.

But he's got the Montreal Media on his side. They've been praising him all year, and overlooked his bad performance at Drummondville... but hey, that's the french media for you. If they like the player, they treat him as a god, if they hate the guy, they'll do everything to get him out of Montreal.
Why mention the media in this thread? Why, once again, turn this into a french vs english (media) debate? Do you know what the "english" media thought? What difference does it make?

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