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Originally Posted by Mr. Make-Believe View Post
I've mentioned this a few times, but it's a point that continues to be harped on...

The problem is NOT small-market teams. In fact there is ONE team that is really struggling and that's the Phoenix Coyotes.

Earlier in this thread, I wrote this:

The poster-team for this lockout is NOT the small market club that is losing money. It's the Pittsburgh Penguins. Annually successful team with the world's most explosive and entertaining talent leading the charge. And they (basically) broke even last year. The Pens and 22 other teams who golf for par season after season...

The issue is PROFIT. It doesn't seem to matter how well or how poor your team is run, or what kind of a market you're in. The overwhelming majority of teams are $10M on either side of breaking even. A cost reduction is required.
according to the eagle tribune jeremy jacobs has profited over 200 million dollars in the last decade. Maybe the bruins are in the underwhelming minority that makes more then 10m per? I wonder where you get your figures from. are you including merchandising sales?

the article is a year old but regardless, call it 220 over the last 11. again, not a bad gig for an owner to rake in 20m on avg per year. in most cases owners do not rely on the profits of their team to sustain their living, most are successful in other fields before taking over a franchise. Plenty of baseball teams suffer financially, as do plenty of basketball teams. yet they don't miss games. there has to be more pride from owners about what they are representing, not what they are bringing home. Do you think george steinbrenner would have cared if he had to spend 10 million dollars to field a winning team? no, he cared more about the game then he did himself. the NHL needs more passion from their owners, not worried about profits but worried about product.

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