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Originally Posted by Sirquacksalot View Post
If they could edit another actor in Hayden Christensen's place then the whole trilogy would become 10x better

p.s. Did you jump on the Giants' wagon? Every one else here did...
nah i dont really watch baseball. only games i go to are A's games cause my wifes friend is a huge fan...talking goes to the games in all green with a jersey on and hat.

i was raised on the dodgers, watched the angels in high school, and the padres in college. SDSU friends would force the bball on me.

giants are pretty far down the list, but their stadium is the best one i have been in hands down.

i didn't mind christensen as much as most people.

top wtfs with the first three would have to go

jar jar
jar jar
how the hell does palpentine kill three jedi masters in under one second?
jar jar
how do all the other jedi masters, the ones not fighting palpentine, have no clue and just die?
it's over i have the high ok i will jump over you to prove it's not.
jar jar
Plot writing (lets include obivous ties to all earth continets through different, specific species / the love story between anakin and padme)
jar jar, jar jar, mother ****ing jar jar
weak acting by christensen and portman. (i think writing had alot to do with this btw. portman looked like she phoned all three movies in, and while not the best actress out there, she usually does a lot better)

i guess editing out a certain character, perhaps the whole race? would make the movies about 50% better. in my opinion.

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