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05-17-2006, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Gros Bill
Why mention the media in this thread? Why, once again, turn this into a french vs english (media) debate? Do you know what the "english" media thought? What difference does it make?
Cause the french media has been hyping him way too much this year. What if next year he turns out to have a bad camp. What will the media say ? Something like: Gainey burned him last year, he took out his confidence, bla bla bla, when, it might be Latendresse's fault.

What I hate about the french media is that they always have a Huge reaction to anything, which is different from the english media, but I guess that comes from our french roots. That's why I always listen to Team 990 and never to CKAC (except Ron, cause... he's Ron). Shows like 110% make me sick.

And I'm a 100% french Canadian.

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